Locking Plate System

Plate for 4.5mm Screw

Exterior of a hopsital Emergency Room

Proximal Femoral Plate 5mm with Locking System

CAT. No. : S428L / S428TL CAT. No. : S428R / S428TR
Holes Stainless Steel Left Stainless Steel Right Titanium Left Titanium Right
4 S428L-04 S428R-04 S428TL-04 S428TR-04
6 S428L-06 S428R-06 S428TL-06 S428TR-06
8 S428L-08 S428R-08 S428TL-08 S428TR-08
10 S428L-10 S428R-10 S428TL-10 S428TR-10
12 S428L-12 S428R-12 S428TL-12 S428TR-12