Locking Plate System

Plate for 4.5mm Screw

Exterior of a hopsital Emergency Room

Lateral Tibia Plate with Locking System (5mm Head Hole)

CAT. No. : S086 / S086T CAT. No. : S087 / S087T
Holes Stainless Steel Left Stainless Steel Right Titanium Left Titanium Right
5 S086-05 S087-05 S086T-05 S087T-05
7 S086-07 S087-07 S086T-07 S087T-07
9 S086-09 S087-09 S086T-09 S087T-09
11 S086-11 S087-11 S086T-11 S087T-11
13 S086-13 S087-13 S086T-13 S087T-13