Locking Plate System

Plate for 4.5mm Screw

Exterior of a hopsital Emergency Room

Cannulated Cancellous Screw Dia. 6.5mm Fully Threaded with Locking Head (Self Tapping)

CAT. No. : S455 / S455T
Length Stainless Steel Titanium
60 S455-60 S455T-60
65 S455-65 S455T-65
70 S455-70 S455T-70
75 S455-75 S455T-75
80 S455-80 S455T-80
85 S455-85 S455T-85
90 S455-90 S455T-90
95 S455-95 S455T-95
100 S455-100 S455T-100
105 S455-105 S455T-105
110 S455-110 S455T-110